C2F (Conversion to Final) – Small Hole Technology

C2F is the CHROME philosophy of Small Hole Technology. This means delivering immediate prosthetics, during a CHROME surgery, with very small holes, rather than the typical industry-standard large holes. Small Hole Technology dramatically improves the performance of prosthetics and maintains the principal structure of the manufactured material.

  • Stronger and narrower prosthetics
  • More accurate planning possibilities
  • Preserved ideal occlusion
  • Extra-oral conversion
  • Less surgery time for patient
  • Master cast created at the surgery and used for final
  • Extra-oral equilibration for perfect bites on every case
chrome c2f

C2F Protocol

C2F is a very simple but technique sensitive process. The parts are ordered and will accompany the GuidedSMILE case. However, we highly recommend requesting our chairside service for the firsts case to teach the doctor and staff the nuances of the systems. We offer training videos here on the page and a printable .pdf of the workflow. Still, an experienced tech should support you on the first case.

chrome c2f
c2F Model

C2F Components

C2F Assembly (C2FA)

This assembly includes the C2F Analog, C2F MUA Head, Gold Screw, Temp Coping (Nobel and Nobel compatible MUA’s, Straumann, Keystone), and Blockout Rod. Doctors will need one C2F Assembly per implant site. For future cases, the doctors only need to repurchase the C2F analog

C2F Drill (C2FD)
C2F 2 Part Analog Individual

This is the analog and MUA head only. If the doctor wants to purchase these two components to keep the model ready to add the prosthetic at any time. Otherwise, the MUA head can be used on multiple models/cases.

C2F Analog Only (C2FAO)

This analog must be purchased for every case, at a minimum. The analog is luted to the model and can be stored as the analog model only. The MUA head can be unscrewed from this model and used in other cases

C2F 2 Analog (C2FAIC2F)

The C2F drill can be used multiple times. It is a carbide bur and durable. It is advised to purchase at least two

C2F Components

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