The CHROME Carrier Guide

The Carrier Guide is the fourth step of the CHROME surgical process and is a plastic guide that serves many functions.

What is the Carrier Guide?

  • Once the Osteotomy Guide has been removed the Carrier Guide affixes to the Fixation Base by use of the CHROME Locs.
  • One function of the Carrier Guide is to serve as a tissue gap between the top of the bone reduction to the bottom of the Carrier Guide.
  • It also serves as a key indicator to the direction of the implants, the rotation of the implants, and the direction of the multi-unit abutment screw that attaches the abutment to the implant.
  • Angled implants are identified on the Carrier Guide by way of notches at the osteotomy site.
  • The Carrier Guide remains in the mouth through the prosthetic conversion.
  • The two clear plastic extrusions on the Carrier Guide delivers the prosthetic in the proper position as planned.
  • It also delivers the RAPID Appliance (the second pick-up) in a similar manner.