The CHROME Osteotomy Guide

The Osteotomy Guide is the third step of the CHROME surgical process. It controls the implant trajectory and depth. Our system is special in that we accept nearly all guided surgical kits and implant brands.

What is the Osteotomy Guide?

  • All CHROME cases come with an Osteotomy Guide. It controls the kit’s spoons or drills during osteotomy creation.
  • Our guides control the implant depth, trajectory, and indexing (rotation).
    It seats into the Fixation Base and is fixed using the proprietary CHROME Locs.
  • CHROME GuidedSMILE works with any implant systems that offers has a fully- or semi-guided kit. Fully guided kits allow the user to place the implant through the guide. A complete list of guided kits is available on the upload area of our web site. When you upload you case, chose the system.
  • When you have questions around these systems or any others please call us at +1 800.663.5488
  • ​There are two types of Osteotomy Guides​
    • Manufacturer specific implant systems – One will have inserts that correspond with the original equipment manufacturer sleeves.
    • Non-specific implant systems – The second one is an all-purpose guide created by Protec Dental laboratories.
  • Unique features set CHROME apart from all other systems in the world:
    • Visualization is key to placing implants. Notice the guide is raised above the bone, unlike all other guides, which are plastic and encapsulate and completely cover the bone and drilling sites. Other guides are blind-drilling. CHROME is fully visual. Watch the implant go into the bone on every case.
    • Irrigation is also key. With a completely exposed ridge, copious amounts of water can be applied. No other system offers this.
    • Our metal Osteotomy Guide is the only one of its kind. Our patent pending product is rigid, accurate, predictable and offers benefits that plastic simply does not.
    • Angled implant sites are represented with a hexagonal shape on the guide. This helps with rotation and corresponds with the flat side for the driver of the implant. This aids in controlling of the indexing of angled implant.
    • Straight implant sites are represented with a circular shape on the guide.
    • New guided systems are welcome. Just send us your kit and put us in touch with the company and we will cater CHROME to you.